I am still painting every day; but I am mostly working on commissions and paintings that will end up being Christmas gifts for family. I will post them to the gallery after the holiday season. The commissions I do not post ever. They are usually related to the families of the people ordering the commission, or subject matter that I wouldn’t normally paint and don’t really want to associate with my creative brand. I also recently completed a music collaboration with my cousin, and also created a video for YouTube for it. My cousin is new to music writing, and the lyrics he writes borrow heavily from my own creations. I don’t want to be one of those people that criticizes someone for actually being influenced by my work, however. I agreed to the collaboration and just tried to make something he would be happy with, and have fun with it. Honestly, I am delighted just to have a fan of my work. Check out our project here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcNcYlTXyrk . As of writing this, it has more views than most of my own channel’s videos, so maybe it will do well. Hopefully I can get more paying commissions; my financial situation is quite scary, and I haven’t found a job yet. This whole ‘starving artist’ routine is getting way too real for my tastes.

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